A time for new heroes.

This campaign is set in a home built world, using the new D&D 4.0 rule set. With this being the first campaign I’ve run using that rule base I made the choice to take advantage of the modules published by Wizards. H1-3, P1-3, E1-3. ((They aren’t all out yet.))

However, some of the personalities have been changed, as well as the motivations of the various NPC’s and some of the encounters adjusted in order to make the adventure interesting and a surprise for those who have either played some of the modules already or have heard about them from others.

A few notes about magic in the world. My general stance on magic items and the like is that they should be things that you get from adventuring not from going into the world’s version of Walmart and buying a Holy Avenger “off the rack”.

As such magic shops in general don’t exist, however a few traders and the like may deal in magic items, but they tend to be unreliable, take longer then normal to get, and only be the most common of things like potions and some scrolls.

In addition if the players wish to create magic items, they almost always require some very rare and powerful item to quest for. This to me makes magic items more valuable and having them would be something only adventurers and the like would get a chance at.

To counter this and to keep the party equipped with items that match the challenges they will face, most of the impressive items they find tend to be the sort of magic items that are named and grow in power as the wielder does.

Out of the Ruins

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