Out of the Ruins

Band on the run.

OMG they know we know...

After watching the destruction of a huge swath of a huge section of the underdark by massive cave collapse the party returned to the town of the 7 Pillars somewhat demoralized and with many questions.

The Mages of Saruun has proven to be evil, and willing to sacrifice millions of lives to get what they want. However, only the party knows of this evil, and they believe that if they were to let others know that their lives would end with a short but violent blast of flame. One thing everybody agrees with is that Mages destroy anybody who goes up against them rather nastily. The only good point about that situation is that nobody knows they know, for now. A party rule is made that no matter what nobody will tell another soul what they know, it is a secret that they must protect because revealing it would mean their deaths.

Yet they also can’t just ignore the mission they agreed to undertake for them. Paldamar is undeniably evil, and he has sent assassins after them. They can’t just leave him alone even if they wanted to.

Upon return to the 7 Pillars the party discovers that caught up in the devastation was a Moonwell dedicated to Correlleon. They agree to undertake a quest from one of the guardians who was at the 7 Pillars when the destruction happened and each of them are given a single drop of moonwell light as proof of this quest and as reward. The quest is to find the Well’s hearthstone and bring it back to him so that the well can eventually be re-created.

Deciding that this was the more important task, as well as wondering if maybe leaving Paldamar alive for now is a good thing because he’s against the Mages of Saruun, the party begins to plan for the new quest. However as they are buying supplies they will need, the Enforcer for the town arrives and informs them that Orontor would like to have a chat with them.

During the chat he expresses his concern about the speed that the party is performing their tasks and brings up the point that he only has 2 weeks left before the next Mage of Saruun arrives to replace him. If the party doesn’t finish the contract soon he will find them in violation, and enforce harsh penalties upon them.

It was during this moment that the party’s fate took a turn for the worse. Elkantor let slip the fact that the party knew that the mages were behind the cave in. While the rest of the party tried to cover up and play it off, the damage was done. From that point forward Orontor tried to get out of the contract he had signed with them, as for as long as it is active and they are progressing on their mission the party can not be destroyed by his or other Mages of Saruun magics.

Forced to put the moonwell mission on hold, the party strikes out to kill Paldamar, having less then 7 days of time to do so, they aren’t even sure if this is the right plan. However, in the end, the idea that having 7 days of safety was worth something and hopefully they could use the 7 days to come up with a better plan. And to be fair, Paldamar did deserve to die.

The party finds the entrance to the Gnolls lair, and after a series of brutal battles they manage to defeat several guards and find the first of 4 items that the Potion Master told them would be needed to open up a gateway into Paldamar’s tower.


To be honest, Elkantor didn’t accidently let it slip. As far as he is concerned all of the Mages lives were forfeit once they proved to be a greater risk to humanity than anything else known. He got pissed off and tired at all the tiptoeing around the arrogant jaskass.

Band on the run.

I wouldn’t say they were the greatest risk to humanity. I mean technically all they want to have happen is for their goddish thing to eat part of the essence of magic from the world. They just are willing to place lots of people in danger to do so.

Which is evil, but probably not as evil or as dangerous to humanity as a whole as like a cult of Orcus who actually wants to kill every living thing on the planet.

Band on the run.

Actually as I was thinking about your character, I’m getting a sort of anarcist view of him. I mean he grew up in the Drow society and he rejected it’s laws in favor of his own views. So that makes him a rebel of sorts.

He joins up with the party and Drake in his own special simplistic way of “Party rule, we don’t use magic items we don’t know what they do!!! It’s BAD!!!!” was ignored when he decided he wanted to use the sword. Which was sort of a rebel thing to do.

The party makes an agreement never to speak of the events that they witnessed to anybody who isn’t a member of the party, or without a party vote first and he ignores that rule when he gets angry.

Also he was really really mad about the Mages of Saruun and how they flaunt and wield their authority at the end of a nasty blast of fire or the golums themselves.

Sort of makes your character in the old system Either CG or CN… a more.. “To ‘ell with your rules, I make my own choices in life!”

Which makes some sense.. I mean somebody who was a by the book follow the rules type would never have rejected everything they were ever taught in life and leave the drow society behind.

Band on the run.

I didn’t think about it that deeply, but it’s very true. I really didn’t mean to do the whole rip a hole in the planar barriers thing, but he did..and to be honest I might have gotten a case of selective hearing on the don’t tell others about this. Either way..it has happened..and I have pledged an oath to Corellon and come hell or high water, he will do what he can to do what he said.

Band on the run.

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