Out of the Ruins

Demon Wells, Ghosts, and Portals...

Oh my!

This chapter opens up with Drake giving the rules of Drake to the party. The rules boil down to the fact that drake is unhappy with the party having rules and not following them, so if anybody brakes a rule and the party doesn’t punish them in the future, drake is leaving the party. Except for Elkantor. Drake lets the party know that he isn’t going to give Elkantor another chance, if he breaks a party rule Drake is going to kill him. Oddly enough the party doesn’t complain or try to talk Drake out of this.

The party continues it’s quest inside the Well of Demons to find the remaining 3 items needed to get into Paldamar’s lair. The next area the party explores they find 3 ghosts who seem not to be aggressive. The ghosts seem to be willing to impart information to them however they demand some sort of proof that the party isn’t evil.

At this point Elkantor takes out his vial of moonwell essence and thrusts his hand towards them to show them. The ghosts blink in confusion and are disrupted as the moonwell essence has a negative effect on the undead.

This of course leads several members of the party to grumble and question once more just who’s side Elkantor is actually on.

The party continues forward and the next room they enter is a weirdly trapped room. As the party crosses over a sort of darkness spell like effect they are confronted by mirrors. These mirrors cause those that gaze into them to believe they are in fact standing before whatever higher power that they serve, and that the higher power asks them to tell them anything of importance.

Stout manages to see thru the illusion and realizes that it’s a mage of some sort dressed in the robes of the mages of Saruun. He isn’t sure if it’s one of the real ones or one of Paldamar’s minions, but whoever it is he isn’t fooled.

Dake pictures the being as a giant leviathan and begins to fish in front of it. What follows is a rambling talk in a way only drake can where he tells the big fish that he’s made demons mad by sending them insulting letters. Stout who can see what the real imagine behind the mirror is pleased to note that the mage talking to Drake seems to feel the dragonborn is crazy.

Azhool sees an image of his goddess but as they talk he gets the feeling that something is very wrong and doesn’t confess to anything of importance.

Elkantor sees an image of the God Corellon and begins to tell him everything. Starting with the moment he found the sword, the adventures in the Tower of the Mages of Saruun and to the point where they party watched the explosion.

Stout hearing this makes his way over as quickly as possible and bashes the drow over the head with his hammer to get him to stop blabbing party secrets. This attack broke not only the darkness spell but the spells of the mirrors. Gal, who was at this point still out side of the room, and not able to see the mirrors then joins in the attack on Elkantor as he has been under the impression from almost the start that the drow is evil and trying to stop the party.

However the damage is done and the events of the tower are now out there to at least some group. Drake considers going forward with his oath, but isn’t sure that the party had a rule about the tower. Luckily Stout managed to stop Elkantor before he added anything about the cave-in.

The party waits for Elkantor to wake up and they continue on to the next room. After dispatching the enemies in the room, the party is confronted by 4 portals that they aren’t sure of which is the right one to use. Drake randomly picks one and they cross over to the other side.

This portal leads them into the Fey Wyld. After a series of interesting mishaps and meetings with some of the local wildlife the party manages to gather it self at an Eladrin city. Elkantor decides to surrender to the Eladrin and have them take him to the city he wronged for trial, while the rest of the party writes down their views of what happened. They also discover that the loss of the moonwell in the real world caused one of the barriers protecting several Eladrin cities in the Fey Wyld from the drow to fall. The party asks the Eladrin mages of this city to transport them as closely as possible to the moonwell they were asked to save.

Down a party member they continue on their quest….



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