Evil Cleric of Orcus that had taken over the keep in Winter Haven and was using it for evil.


Not much is known about Kalarel. He appeared in town a few years ago, having taken the identity of a historian that he had imprisoned and was forcing to work for him. In the process of claiming the keep for evil, he also began a hunt for various treasures that had ended up in lost tombs owned in the past by the Tiefling Empire.

Some of these artifacts included a stash of mystical items created by a Dragonborn Lich who went by the name Ahzrayel. How the artifacts made their way to the Tiefling Empire, the party is still unsure.

His most powerful artifact was a Gauntlet of Undeath. A powerful item that he used to raise an undead army with as well as curse the leader of Winter Haven Ernest Padraig and his small force of knights. One of the party took this item, as he claimed he was sent on a mission by his master to claim it. However instead of researching or finding out more about the item, he placed it on his hand. This has led to some very unpleasant results.


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