Ernest Padraig


Lord Ernest Padraig is the ruler of the town of Winterhaven. His family can trace their line of rulership all the back to the minor noble house of Padraig from the Middle Empire. When the party arrived in town Lord Padraig had been acting very strangely and the town folk had no idea why. Over the course of investigating the evil that had infected the area, the party learned that the lord had been cursed by a powerful Cleric of Orcus Kalarel .

This curse turned him and 6 of his knights into Undead. While he was able to resist doing evil, he found that he couldn’t end his life. His only hope was that somebody else would defeat the cleric and rid him and his men of the curse.

As luck would have it the Party managed just that. He currently is unaware that one of them has the very artifact that was used to turn him into an undead, and if he found out this could cause friction between them.

Ernest Padraig

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