Elkantor, House Baenrae

Drow Swordmage, long white hair, lavender eyes


Init: +5 AC: 22 Speed: 6

Str: 16 Fort: 16 Passive Insight: 13 Con: 10 Ref: 19 Passive Percept: 13 Dex: 14 Will: 16 Int: 18 Wis: 10 Fey Origin Cha: 12 Trance Llothtouched HP: 50 Dark Vision

Arcana: 12 Sword Bond Toughness Athletics: 11 Aegis of Assault Ritual Caster History: 12 Warding Linguist Intimidate:11 Skill Training (Religion) Religion: 12


Those that know the Drow, know that each one has a drive to please Lloth, and to be the one that pleases her the most. Elkantor was just like that at first, he strove to be the best of his class out there. That changed within the last year of his training, he realized that some of the things that their deity wanted was just flat not right. El kept those thoughts a secret from all but his best friend Akortur of a rival house. He was going for a final exam when for someone reason everything he tried to do just would not work, he needless to say failed the exam and as some also know…failure is never an option. He was about to be killed for the failure, to progress someone elses future. His friend somehow managed to somehow helped him out of the city before the death sentance was to be dealt. It was also then that he told Elkantor that it was his older sister, Shrikiira, and younger brother, Elvare, were the ones that orchestrated his failure. That put El on the run from his family, and in some ways Lloth, that he minded that so much. What he did mind was that during his travels from the city he was captured by a rogue and some say very messed up Drugar where he was held until the group he now adventures with..rescued him.

Add an hour or so to this adventurer’s new life, he found a rather powerfull sword that he bonded with as being a swordmage that is the only way to get the full use of his abilities, they group found themselves faceing the rogue dark dwarf and his henchmen preparing a very fast trip away from the group. In the fight Elkantor used his sword for the first time and scored a very good hit on a enemy, the sword tinged as if it wanted to do something, El allowed it and the enemy who was only hit this one time dropped like a rock, dead. He swung it again, at a different enemy and had the same result, but the body of the first bubbled and went through a seizure…Elkantor was blind to that as he was fighting..and saw two devils heading to his group. He went after them and struck yet another blow but this time..something very different happened yet it was the same. The devil got sucked into the sword, but the sword created a small rip in the fabric of the planes.. To make a longer story shorter..in the end, the same sword finally created another rift that was the final spark to the plans that the Mage’s of Saruun needed to fulfill their plans of shredding the wards that were placed around each plane to protect them, and the explosion that came from the host of devils, angels and other holy representatives..created a rift in the very earth itself. The appocalyse as a great multitude are calling it, covers an area larger than Grand Canyon, and comes close to rivaling the rift in the Forgotten Realms setting. Elkantor feels that he is wholy responseable for the act..so much so he has sworn and oath to Corellon, the deity whose sword it was that Elkantor used and found out later that once held the soul of a future Champion of Corellon. In his oath he swore that he would try to make a small dent in what chaos, death…destruction…he caused.

At his trial, Elkantor was found guilty by a trail of his peers, and placed into a sword very simular to the one he used that caused the death of a Prince, and cast far into the seas until someone or something finds him (I think a snowball in hell might have a better chance).

Elkantor, House Baenrae

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