A well-meaning but not so bright Dragonborn


Drake is massive, even for a dragonborn; every little bit he lacks in brains and wisdom, he’s dedicated into being a healthy, strong, and tough person. His skin is a rust color, and by now in his career as a would be adventurer, he has plenty of small scars and scrapes that he proudly keeps as is to show the history of his tales.


Drake hails from a small Dragonborn fishing village to the north, against the Sea. Prior to the start of the campaign, the village had been invaded by monstrosities, killing or scattering most of the Dragonborn and other villagers that were there. It left Drake by himself, and so he set out upon a quest for vengeance, finding Bjorn as he tracked the raiders back to the south. It was here he met up with the party, and while he doesn’t understand the long reaching goals and need of what they are doing, it certainly has been fun thus far!

Most of Drakes long term goals can be found in the write up for the Order of the Leviathan – a group of rag tag knights he has started, first in the interest of fishing and helping people (in a rather vague and generic sense), and that has finally found a solid, long reaching direction.

He has a current love interest, Surina – though he believes her dead at the moment. His approach on love is very much shaded by the opinions he has been getting from his fellow adventurers. Marriage must be some evil thing, and if it ever happened to him, he’d no longer be able to go out and about. On the other hand, with the gloves he has taken up, he has to establish his family lineage – and how to manage to do balance these two has him ever so very much confused, so he prefers not to even think about it.


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