Fallen Empires

Dragonborn and Tiefling Empires.

Most scholars of ancient knowledge and peoples generally accept the fact that several thousand years ago the land was ruled by two massive empires. The Dragonborn Empire which was based on the Eastern side of the “known” world and the Tiefling Empire on the Western side. These empires had divided up the known world between them with all other “lesser” races either acting as their slaves or servants.

Generally speaking the Dragonborn Empire represented the forces of Law and Order, while the Tiefling Empire followed the virtues of Chaos and Change. Neither side could really be called fully evil or fully good, but judging by modern standards the Tiefling Empire would have been more “evil” while the Dragonborn Empire would have been considered more neutral.

These Empires ruled the land for ages. Dwarfs, Humans, Elves, and Halflings all bowed down to them and in exchange for their service, they were shown the ways of magic and technology beyond their dreams.

Exactly what caused these empires to suddenly collapse, nobody knows. However what most scholars agree upon is that the fall happened not over hundreds of years, but rather over the course of but a single generation. Some believe that an outside force must have acted against them, while others believe that it was a combination of pride, greed, war with each other, and their slave races finally rising up to claim their own place in history.

From the ashes of these two great empires 3 realms formed up

North, South, and Middle Empires.

Of the 4 slave races to the Dragonborn and Tiefling, the humans outnumber the others by over 4-1 combined. As such they naturally ended up in the leadership roll of the Empires that followed.

The Northern Empire was characterized by a harsh land full of ice and snow for most of the year. Those who lived and thrived there are a hearty people who give praise to the Norse Pantheon almost exclusively. Valor, Fighting Skill, and Person Honor are prized in leaders over actual Intelligence and Charisma.

The Southern Empire was characterized by a land that was just as harsh, but instead of ice and snow it is covered by thick jungles and vast desert wastelands. While the Northern and Middle Empires enjoyed somewhat brisk trade between each other, as well as some brief but brutal wars, the Southern Empire closed its borders to everybody else, and much of it remains a mystery even today after its fall.

The Middle Empire was by far the largest and most prosperous of the Empires. Enjoying vast amounts of fertile land as well as mineral rich mining and the like. This realm also had the good fortune of retaining most of the centers of learning that the Dragonborn and Tieflings had passed on to their servants. The leaders of this realm preferred to handle matters with a minimum of open warfare and valued trade above all else. However, when disputes were not able to be settled peacefully, it is said that they could be masters of ruthless assassinations and the like.

It was during this time that most of the remaining Dragonborn and Tieflings met their demise. Hunted down and punished by angry ex-slaves and servants who sought to punish their former masters.

Again nobody is exactly sure how long this age of 3 empires lasted but as with the previous age, it would end rather rapidly.

Current History, the Opening of the Other Gates and the Fall.

Most scholars agree that the fall of the age of 3 Empires began with the failing of ancient magics that were put in place long ago by the Tiefling and Dragonborn Empires. These magics helped to isolate the world from other dimensions as well as lower the hostility of non-human creatures.

In some races, like the Dragons, this took the effect of encouraging them to remain sleeping in their lairs. In other races like Goblins and Orcs, the magic encouraged them to fight each other as well as to remain fearful of leaving their isolated areas.

When these magics failed, the 3 Empires were caught unprepared. Enemies they had no idea about flooded over them like a tidal wave. Some cities were able to resist and even managed to hold on to their territory, however the roads that once connected the cities to each other have become dangerous and the land between the city states a no mans land full of monsters and death to all but the bravest of adventurers.

Some trade still manages despite all of these obstacles, but it is never a sure thing. Rulers are loyal only to their own city states, and the idea of a working empire has faded from memory. During this time the Eladrin also discovered the world. With people struggling just to survive, the grudges against the Tieflings and Dragonborn have also been forgotten. Most people don’t have the time nor the energy to care about what happened 10 years ago much less hundreds or even thousands.

The current time is Spring AF:435, 435 years after the Fall of the 3 Empires.

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