Mages of Saruun

This group rules the Hall of 7 Pillars. As of this time the party is not sure of their motives. What is known is that while the order claims to be interested in profits from the hall, the party has found out several cases where the Mages could have made far more money by following a course of action they did not.

Paldemar is a renegade member of this group, and the party is currently on a mission to find proof of his activities before killing him. He seems to have betrayed the other mages of Saruun for an even darker purpose.

Recently the party has discovered that the this group has a far more sinister motive. They serve a Demi-God like being called Saruun who travels from world to world eating part of the essence of the world’s magic to maintain his unnatural life.

The party also has evidence to suggest that the shattering of the barrier that had once protected this world was done at the hands of this group in order to help make way for their leader.

Mages of Saruun

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