Order of the Leviathan

The Order of the Leviathan has gone through a hard, struggling inception phase; ultimately the quest to find its identity has proven challenging for its would be leader Drake to say the least. It has taken an event of catastrophic proportions to truly help define and shape everything that the young Dragonborn feels he should dedicate his life towards for this Order.

The plans for ‘Whale of a World’ forge onwards; but this is now simply a means to an end. This worlds for amusement park will contain many rides, will also serve as a haven for those who do not feel they fit in else where or need protection and are willing to assist in the running of the park. While the rides are the primary focus, these other vendors will sell a multitude of trinkets, toys, and other goodies to help create a brand identity for ‘Whale of a World’.

The true goal however is to make money to assist the Order. The Orders goals are now firmly finalized; they are to help restore the land that has been rent asunder, to assist in finding the balance of nature as well as assisting those of all races that have been affected by the leveling of mountains. These efforts include such things as:

- Restoring fishing spots by filling in parts of the collapsed area to create lakes

- Planting trees, grass, and other such things to regrow the area and stabilize the land to prevent further landslides

- Creating and distributing food packages for those displaced by the catastrophe

- Finding and giving a proper burial for the dead that were trapped beneath the cave ins

- Exploring renewable resources in this new realm that can create jobs for those who no longer have a lively hood

Whale of a World

The rides of Whale of a World will include:

Drakes Wild Ride Safety Rating: 1

A dangerous ride, it is much like a roller coaster meant to wrap around and go through one of the fake mountains at Whale of a World, representing mine carts. Plenty of padding and safety gear is provided, so while riders may well get tossed out, typically the worst thing that happens is a few broken bones.

Chasm Plunge Safety Rating: 3

Far safer than Drakes Wild Ride, the Chasm Plunge is nestled between the two fake mountains. It is a large pole that has a circular cage around it. People are strapped inside the cage walls. Via water pressure that builds up underneath and shoots out as a geyser, the cage is pushed up to the very top of the pole, and then plummets back down, until a safety system breaks it for the last few feet to nestle it back down.

Barrel Float Safety Rating: 5

While the premise may seem dangerous, this is in fact one of the safest rides (if you can swim, at least!). Barrels float along a lazy river through the park, giving a good glimpse of the entire area. While there are some minor rapids to keep things interesting, a person would have to go to great lengths to tip the barrel over.

Minotaur Boats Ahoy! Safety Rating: 4

A log ride at its heart, this ride takes the person up to a high peak, and then through a series of smaller declines, takes the person down in a series of twists and turns. The largest drop is at the very end, where one plunges into the lake, before the tracks guide you back to the beginning. The cold of the lake, combined with a small chance of getting tossed, make this ride not quite as safe as the Barrel Float.

Order of the Leviathan

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